Do Dolphins Cry? Your Guide to Dolphin Emotions

Dolphins are amazing creatures and there’s so much cool info to learn about them. One of these mysteries that people are often curious about is whether dolphins can actually cry tears.

Dolphins cannot cry tears as humans do, but they have been seen with a type of substance from the eyes that resemble tears. Dolphins are believed to have deep emotions as they can engage in various noises, may not eat, and may circle another that has become ill or died. They form strong bonds with each other and often live with each other for decades due to their long lifespan.

Dolphins swimming

Do Dolphins Cry?

The concept about dolphins and do they cry stems from their high level of intelligence and the bonds they create with each other. They take exceptional care of their young and form a circle around them to offer them additional protection in the water. They can make a variety of noises they use to interact with each other.

Dolphins have been seen acting sad and making distress noises due to another dolphin being ill, injured, or dying. They can evoke emotions and this includes sadness but they won’t be able to shed tears.

It is often their behaviors that show emotions as they may become extremely quiet. Since dolphins tend to chatter often to communicate, their silence can be an indicator they are in mourning.

Do Dolphins Have Emotions?

Scientists believe dolphins can share deep emotions with others in their pod. They express their emotions through an array of sounds and behaviors. While they may not shed tears like humans, they can still experience the loss.

It isn’t uncommon for a female to remain with a deceased pup for days before she leaves it and rejoins her pod. The pod is going to give her time to mourn. They will give her some distance, but they will stay close as a unit. She will receive comfort when she rejoins them as part of their overall system of dependence upon each other.

While the dolphins can’t shed tears, many humans who have observed such behaviors from them have cried their own tears. They have seen the depth of emotions these amazing creatures experience and display.

Do Dolphins Get Sad?

The design of the dolphin’s anatomy makes it impossible for them to shed tears. A common reason people believe they can though is due to a substance they may release from the eyes. The substance can roll down the face and is often mistaken for tears. This liquid is oily and it helps to protect the eyes of dolphins from the salt found in the water.

Since many individuals aren’t familiar with this substance and how it protects the eyes of the dolphins, they think they see them crying. Dolphin watching and interactions are common in many regions, and that is where the stories continue to stem from.

Observers aren’t creating a story; they are telling what they think they see. They believe the substances they see from the eyes of the dolphins are tears, similar to those of humans. The experts share this isn’t possible and dolphins don’t cry.